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Effie's Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Effie was born in China in 2012, and she was later diagnosed as profoundly deaf by the NHS in the UK. Although we speak as her parents, she is a shining example of what a deaf or hard of hearing child can achieve with the correct support framework. Effie is an incredibly bright, studious, emotional, cheeky, and fun girl on the edge of becoming a full-blown teenager.

The transition from primary school to secondary school is daunting for any child, but the worries and anxieties of any child with additional needs will always be magnified. The Transition Day was a wonderful way to settle and ease some of the nerves and manage Effie’s expectations. As parents, we know that even with the best preparation, things don’t always go to plan, and I think we were more apprehensive when her first day came.

However, going to the Priory has been the best thing for Effie’s development. It isn’t a stretch to say that she loves it, and a great part of that is due to the support that she has been given by the teachers of the deaf and the preparation that the school was given by members of that team. I have to give a special mention to Theresa and Nicky as they have been truly wonderful.

Academically, Effie has shone. We have just had her first report, and it is excellent. But probably, as importantly to Effie, she has a great group of friends. She is happy both academically and socially. In terms of clubs and societies, she has never been particularly sporty, which hasn’t been a problem as she has performed in both the musical concert and is currently in the production of Oliver as the dual role of fruit seller and street urchin!

The only thing we really wanted for Effie is to grow as a happy little girl who happens to wear cochlear implants rather than a girl who is defined by her cochlear implants. We know that there will be bumps in the road as she gets older. There always have been, but how is that different from the growth of any girl entering life as a teenager?



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