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SDCS postponed the Family Event in September, so the CYP receiving the awards weren’t able to be presented formally with their prizes. Instead the Teachers of the Deaf gave out individual certificates and prizes.  Winners of the prizes were:


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Scott Chambers

Scott is a very determined young man, he has always had a responsible attitude towards his hearing impairment and handles any challenges with great maturity. He is incredibly kind and this was recognised when he received the Saint of the year award when leaving primary school at the end of year 6. He has a great rapport with animals, is artistic, creative and has a growing interest in wildlife photography. Scott’s parents said that he has some amazing friends who he is very protective of. He has a great sense of humour, an infectious laugh and the most endearing smile. Scott was delighted to receive the Margy Lloyd Award and is looking forward to spending his £25 Waterstones voucher.



Isobel Edwards

Issy has a moderate hearing loss and wears two hearing aids, but this doesn’t stop her having the best sense of humour in the world. She loves to laugh and loves to support other children to come to terms with their hearing loss. She had great fun at St Georges supporting Effie who was then at Woodfield preparing for her transition to the Junior School. They baked cakes, walked around the school together and generally explored ‘all things St Georges’.

Thanks are due to both schools who supported this with great enthusiasm. The growth in the self-confidence of both girls was rewarding to see. Lots of shared laughter and shared humour.

Issy is now in Y7; no doubt, she will one day ‘show the ropes’ to another hearing impaired child moving into the big world of secondary school. Thank you Issy, a well-deserved award winner.

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Alexander Barrett

Alex is currently in the first year of sixth form studying Maths, Biology and chemistry having achieved at the top end of his school across all of his GCSE subjects including a foreign language! Having been profoundly deaf from a very young age, Alex is a true role model for young hearing impaired people. He manages his hearing loss very independently and pragmatically and is involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including climbing, Scouts and NCS. He has supported a wide range of fundraising activities for the SDCS and is always very keen to support other young people with hearing loss. He is fully included in the life of his school and community. He is open and friendly and welcoming to all he meets. We wish him well in his studies – he currently wants to work in the field of archaeology (or did at the last discussion)! Alex chose a pair of leather cycling gloves as his prize.



Emily Hulland 

Emily has done amazingly well this year both academically and in terms of overall inclusion. She works flat out at school yet manages to balance this with playing lots of netball at a high level. Emily has undertaken A Level French which is an enormous challenge for someone with a hearing impairment. The listening tasks have tested her to the limits at times but she has persevered despite this. Emily has just accepted an unconditional offer to go to Lancaster University next year to study Sports’ Science. We wish her well in her studies. Emily was delighted to receive her Top Shop voucher in recognition of her hard work.

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Paige Eades 

Paige was recently awarded a university scholarship from local Shrewsbury company - Morris Properties - to study a degree in Business Studies, a bit like winning ‘The Apprentice’ only better! Paige studied A Levels at Shrewsbury 6th Form college whilst at the same time holding down part time jobs. She is a great example of a young woman with a moderate hearing impairment who maximises her talent and time to move forward. She has not let her hearing impairment obstruct her in any way. We are not only delighted for Paige and her family but also very proud and pleased. Paige was presented with the SDCS Further Education Award and chose a £50 Waterstones voucher as her gift as she is an avid reader.

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