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Remarkable Young Women

When Grace was first referred to SIS in 2016, she presented with a mild hearing loss in both ears. However, since that time her hearing loss has progressed. This caused a lot of anxiety and strain both on her and the rest of her family and several emotional appointments were had in clinics as she struggled to make sense of her worsening hearing. She has now decided to explore cochlear implants and is expecting to have them fitted later this year.

With so much going on in her life, Grace would be forgiven if she had a wobble or two! However, this is not the case. She has shown amazing strength of character, determination and fortitude. She has accepted her hearing loss and done her own extensive research around deafness and cochlear implants. She is beginning to teach herself sign language and has made contact with a number of other deaf teenagers via on-line forums to get their insights and advice around implants.

Her consultant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital described Grace, after only one meeting, as ‘a remarkable young woman.’ She certainly is and deserves every accolade.



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